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The Country Boy Mine, founded in 1887, is one of the oldest and most famous mines in Summit County, Colorado. Early in its over 100 year history, the Country Boy Mine was known for its gold and silver production and later earned national fame by producing large quantities of high grade lead and zinc for use in World War I and World War II.

Mining was and still is an integral part of Colorado’s and our nations’s history. The valuable ore brought out of the Country Boy Mine and the hundreds of others mines in the area played a significant role in shaping the west and bringing prosperity to the U.S. With the rapid deterioration and disappearance of historic mines in Colorado, the Country Boy Mine plays an important role in preserving Colorado’s mining history and serves to share with people the rich history of this most remarkable past.

In 1991, the Tomlinson Brothers, Doug and David, along with their families conceived the dream of restoring the collapsed mine and mine site into a historical venue. As was true in the 1800’s, much work and toil went into the restoration of the mine and its site.

The Country Boy Mine is located in the famous French Gulch area, where gold was discovered by a miner named French Pete in 1860. This valley was abundantly  rich in gold, silver, lead and zinc and played a meaningful role in the gold rush of Breckenridge.  French Gulch is home to the Reiling Gold Dredge boat, built in 1908. It extracted gold bearing ore and sank in French Gulch where it can be seen and view the rock pile landscapes it created. Tom’s Baby was discovered in the same neighborhood, a 13.5 pound crystalized piece of wire gold! The owner, Tom Groves wrapped the specimen in a baby blanket bundle and carried it around town like a baby.  Also in the vicinity is the Wellington Mine, which generated millions of  dollars in Gold,  it was the largest mine in the area and  ran on and off until 1973.

Today, we welcome you to come and enjoy the Country Boy Mine for its wealth of history and gold, both past and present.

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